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Discovery Camps Discovery is part of Summer at Whitaker Center.

Children can sharpen their science skills, explore a favorite topic or new interests – and most importantly have fun while they learn! With professionally structured programs for preschoolers all the way up to children entering 8th grade, our summer camps are just the right mix of fun and serious science. Lose belly fat diet in a week Most camps are five days in length and offer the flexibility to choose a half day or full day camp experience, while others are single day or half day experiences.

Discovery Camps include snacks, make-and-take projects, and activity extensions so that children can continue their learning at home.

Exercise equipment stores rochester ny Camps take place at Whitaker Center or at locations within walking distance of the Center with all activities fully supervised by our Education staff. Paleo diet healthy Outside activities and time for “free play” are built into all schedules.

Space in each camp is limited and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Three day military diet does it work If a camp is sold out, add your name to the waitlist and if a spot opens up we’ll contact you ASAP.

We are proud to offer Scholarship funds for families who qualify for the Pennsylvania ACCESS/EBT Card program. Vitamin e weight loss Children of parents who currently qualify for the Pennsylvania ACCESS/EBT Card program should indicate that they are eligible to receive scholarship funds when completing registration. Exercise motivation Scholarship funds cover the majority of the cost of camp with the family of the child being responsible for the remainder of the fee, payable at time of registration.

In order to serve as many families as possible, scholarship funds cannot be used by the same child for more than two camps.

Within two weeks of submitting a registration indicating your child is eligible for scholarship funds, parents are responsible for scanning their ACCESS/EBT Card and photo ID and e-mailing our Group Sales Coordinator OR presenting these documents in person at Whitaker Center. Lose belly weight fat in a week If these documents are NOT received within two weeks of your registration, the registration will be cancelled and the spot released for re-sale. Questions? Please contact our Groups Sales Coordinator at or 717-724-3862.

In order to accommodate every child who wants to attend our camps, we require at least 4 weeks’ notice for cancellations and full refunds. Best diet for pcos and endometriosis Cancellations made with less than 4 weeks’ notice will not receive a refund.

SUMMER 2017 DISCOVERY CAMPS Preschool Camps | Camps for Grades 1-4 | Camps for Grades 4-8

PRESCHOOL CAMPS Designed for little ones age 3 – 5 (as of 1/1/2017) PLUS one Adult (age 18+)

Young learners can get their hands dirty as we explore creatures and mechanics of the ground. Weight loss plateau tips We will utilize machines that move dirt, find and observe insects and worms, dig for dinosaurs, and experience big movements of the earth. Low carb diet reviews Designed for parents of preschoolers to learn with their child (not a drop-off camp).

It’s never too early to learn about robotics and coding! Our youngest learners will explore miniature programmable robots that are designed just for them and can actually be programmed by them. 10 days to lose weight Designed for parents of preschoolers to learn with their child (not a drop-off camp).

Small and safe, cute and big enough to be noticed, we will conduct chemical reactions that fizz, bubble, and do interesting things. Paleo diet grocery list and meal plan Campers will feel and see the change that happens when certain substances are mixed together. How to lose weight for 12 year olds Designed for parents of preschoolers to learn with their child (not a drop-off camp).

Just in time for our special summer exhibit in Harsco Science Center, Dinosaur Discovery, we will explore all things dinosaur! Uncover the mystery of the way the dinosaurs lived and also pretend to be a paleontologist by uncovering what looks like ancient dinosaur remains. Benefits of low carb diet Designed for parents of preschoolers to learn with their child (not a drop-off camp).

Insects, spiders, and worms, oh my! Campers will get the inside scoop on these little creatures and be able to interact with them safely in person. Is military diet effective Designed for parents of preschoolers to learn with their child (not a drop-off camp).

CAMPS FOR GRADES 1 – 4 Designed for Children going in to First – Fourth Grade

If you like slimy, dirty, bubbly, and gross experiments, then this camp is for you! We will mix and take home gooey chemistry concoctions, fake snot, pretend wounds, colorful explosions, and much more.

Just in time for our special summer exhibit in Harsco Science Center, Dinosaur Discovery, we will explore all things dinosaur! Learn how to be a paleontologist by unearthing fossils from rocks, identifying dinosaurs, making your own fossils to take home, and moving and living the way that dinosaurs do.

Have you ever imagined if something could be real? Little makers will have fun with experiments inspired by imaginary things like ghosts, super heroes, and monsters all while learning more about the magical reality of physics and chemistry. Exercise calorie calculator app Melting powers, electrical energy, flying tricks, and walking slime abounds!

It’s a cross-curricular spectacular; a STEM exploration camp that has a social studies twist. Paleo diet weight loss testimonials Our STEM experiments and projects will be inspired by many things that are different around the world, for instance, culture, architecture, geography, and food. Weight loss instagram accounts Campers will get the chance to learn about places they may never have been to or find out where something familiar comes from through engineering exercises, environmental explorations, chemistry experiments, and more.

This is the ultimate experience in physics and chemistry experiments to discover the limits of the objects that are all around us. Exercise challenge test asthma How strong is it? How hot does it get? How far can it stretch? How far can it be launched? How tall can we make it? What are the limits of the space we live in? Daredevils and dreamers – this is the camp for you!

All of our projects in this camp are based on engineering devices that are built for action and fun. Dr g weight loss weston We will analyze and make common and not-so-common toys as well as amusement park rides like roller coasters, bumper cars & boats, and the round up.

CAMPS FOR GRADES 4 – 8 Designed for Children going in to Fourth – Eighth Grade

Make and launch several rockets in just two days! We will make our own rockets out of paper and bottles and launch them along the river using air power. Best diet for pcos to lose weight Campers get to keep their rockets while learning about motion physics.

Become a forensic scientist during one of our most popular camps! First, we’ll collect evidence like fingerprints, footprints, and tire tracks. Pregnancy and exercise second trimester Then we will learn to analyze hair, blood, and DNA to examine a museum crime scene and figure out who done it!

In this camp, we will develop our skills in learning to use electronics and other technology. Diet plan during pregnancy Breadboards and take-home soldering kits and electromagnetic projects are just the start. Exercise and depression We will also work together to assemble and program robotic kits.

This camp may sound gross but it’s all about what’s inside your body: you are the experiment! We will test the accuracy of our senses, measure the effects of exercise on the circulatory and respiratory system, look at blood type, test our food, dissect animal organs, and check out real human organs.

Curious tinkers will first learn about new and old technology then use it to make works of art to take home. Is paleo diet safe With the aid of some heat, we will design and form our own plastic sculptures. Paleo diet breakfast menu Switching ‘gears’ and using the power of hydraulics, we will create sculptures that move. Paleozoic era cambrian period Computer technology will also be explored as it relates to functional and artistic design.

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