Book is suggested reading for contraception advice – victoria advocate – victoria, tx

Editor, the Advocate:

Pregnancy is not a disease! Marriage is a wonderful vocation created by God between a man and woman. But if your fiancé or girlfriend is on any kind of contraception, you are poisoning your future bride.

A good book to read is: “The Pill Problem” by Ross Pelton. The author describes how contraception causes a woman to gain weight, become moody and lose her sex drive. How does this happen?

In the human body the unnatural chemicals from contraception deplete most vitamin Bs, magnesium, selenium, zinc and the amino acids tyrosine and the critical antioxidant coenzyme Q10. (see page 6 of “The Pill Problem”)

So what is a couple to do if they don’t want to get pregnant at this time? Simple! First, get the poison out of the body. Then, go to the store and buy a fertility measurement device. That way you can find out the three days that you are fertile, and if you are not ready to get pregnant, just avoid those three days. It becomes a mini honeymoon period (no pun intended), and you will find you are drawing closer and closer as a couple.

The family is the backbone and strength of America, and it all starts with Holy Matrimony.

William Paul Tasin, Victoria