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More and more we are seeing women stepping aside to share the cosmetic surgery table with their male counterparts.

Steroids, fad diets and cosmetic surgery. All three of these are guaranteed to help you achieve that desired six pack in a short span of time, but which would you choose?

For 32-year-old Emirati, Ahmed Mufta, the latter of the three would be his preferred choice. And the reason is simple.

“Nowadays, I think cosmetic surgery is the safest

way to achieve that kind of look. Yoyo dieting and steroids are detrimental to health, so if you seek the right medical advice, cosmetic surgery, in my opinion, is the safest option.”

More and more we are seeing women stepping aside to share the cosmetic surgery table with their male counterparts.

For those unwilling to change their daily eating habits and adopt a long-term workout plan to sculpt their bodies to perfection, going under the knife is proving increasingly popular within this demographic.

A conversation once thought of as “shameful” has now become “open” across the Middle East.

According to Mufta, more and more men are choosing to opt for cosmetic surgery because of what they see around them on a daily basis.

“The media has a huge influence on society. We see these people on TV and we want to be like them. Most people see cosmetic surgery as a cheat. Simply speaking it is, but that is not stopping anyone anymore.”

Though he says he has not had surgery himself, Mufta is not new to cosmetic surgery.

“Many of my close friends have had procedures done. Three of them have had liposuction around the stomach area and two have had nose jobs. Arab men are well-known for their large noses so many of them want to fix what they perceive as an aesthetic problem.”

And if a situation arose where he wanted to change something about his appearance, he would have no qualms about fixing it surgically.

“If something needed to be done, I would do it and I would openly discuss it. I have no shame. It is a bit of a cheat for me but I’m fine with that.”

According to statistics from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital (AACSH) in Dubai, the number of men across the GCC having cosmetic surgery procedures is on the rise.

This year, the hospital witnessed a 12 per cent increase in male patients compared to 2014, with ‘bodybuilding sculpture’ liposuction, gynecomastia and minimal invasive ‘double chin’ correction procedures proving to be the most sought after.

‘Bodybuilding sculpture’ liposuction is the most popular. It is a procedure which sees fat removed from areas such as the stomach, chest and flanks to create the appearance of more defined muscle, and AACSH has reported that 26 per cent of its male patients undergo procedure.

Gynecomastia, where fat is removed from the chest area, has proven to be the second most popular, followed by the minimally invasive neck lift to remove the appearance of the ‘double chin’.

In 2015, ‘bodybuilding sculpture’ liposuction procedures saw an increase of 14 per cent in enquiries; gynecomastia an increase of 21 per cent and ‘double chin’ removal an increase of 14 per cent. For Mufta, today’s unfit society is partly to blame for this surge in male patients.

“In Dubai, the vast majority of Arab residents have bad eating habits. They eat out late at night and that leads to increased weight gain. The heat deters many from working out, too.”

But for those who are set on sculpting their bodies, body building has become increasingly popular.

“For most, steroids pretty much come with the territory when you talk about body building, but this really is not good for your health. It’s the only way to achieve results quickly though, without surgery. If that doesn’t work, then many do resort to surgery.”

Despite majority of female patients visiting AACSH predominantly travelling from across the UAE, a considerable number of the hospital’s male patients travel from across the GCC for their procedures. Nineteen per cent visit from KSA and 14 per cent from Qatar.

But this is surprising for Mufta.

Expensive surgery

“Cosmetic surgery has become very good business in the UAE so I can see why people visit, but for me, it is still too expensive here. If I was to undergo surgery I would travel to the somewhere like the US.”

He says though prices in the US are on a similar par with the UAE, he would be more confident undergoing procedures there as he is more familiar with the history of the doctors there. “In the US you have renowned surgeons who have been practicing for years. In the UAE, though the healthcare sector is getting better, some of the surgeons are unknown in the field, however the prices still remain high.”

Why this surge?

In an interview with Khaleej Times, AACSH cosmetic surgeon Dr Firas Hamdan said improved technology has a lot to do with this increase in male patients coming forward for surgery.

“Technology has improved and as a result scarring following surgery is now minimal. This is a huge appeal for our clients.”

As much as people are now willing to talk about surgery, Dr Hamdan said patients want the results to remain as inconspicuous as possible.

“Before, men would be put off by scarring so would opt against surgery. For instance, they would want to get rid of fat from a certain area but the thought of excess skin would put them off. Now, we have a procedure to remove this skin with minimal scarring.”

Dr Hamdan said social media has also become a huge platform for discussion when it comes to cosmetic surgery, and this has dispelled the previous taboos surrounding such topics.

Over the past few years, the political, economic and social instability in neighbouring countries like Syria and Lebanon has seen the UAE become a haven for such medical procedures.

It has become the one stop shop for healthcare and tourism according to Dr Hamdan, which is proven by the year on year increase of male patients opting for treatment here.

“At one point in time, the Arab world was seen as less aesthetically conscious than the West but that is now changing. Before, Arab patients would travel to a cheaper neighbouring country for treatment but that is no longer viable, so they come to the UAE instead.”

And Mufta agrees.

“It is no longer haram to talk about cosmetic surgery so Arab men are willingly electing for surgery. The UAE is great for holidaying and for surgery now, so I think this rising trend will continue. For me though, it is still too expensive from a cosmetic surgery point of view.”

At a glance

> 12% increase in male patients at AACSH in 2015

> 14% increase in enquiries for ‘bodybuilding sculpture’ liposuction procedure

> 21% increase in gynecomastia enquiries

> 14% increase in ‘double chin’ removal

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