Big thanet health check is underway – kcc media hub

People from all over Thanet are taking up the offer of a free NHS Health Check during a special week of events planned by the NHS.

The Big Thanet Health Check, run by Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust which is commissioned by Kent County Council, is taking place this week and includes ‘pop-up’ health check clinics in places like local pharmacies, health centres and ASDA in Broadstairs.

Ronald Hedges, 50, from Margate and his wife

Claire, 40, were among the first to take advantage of the clinic in ASDA. Ronald said: “The health check was very helpful, it has opened my eyes to a few things that I need to change. I do eat fruit and veg but I’m more likely to tuck into burgers, chips and crisps, which I’m going to try to cut down on. I also like the occasional smoke but I’ve been motivated to quit completely now.”

Claire said: “I’m pleased with my results; they were quite good and will help to keep me on track in the future.”

Ian Houldey, 66, is a full-time carer from Cliftonville. He said: “I read in the paper that they were doing health checks here this week so I came up specially. I don’t go to the GP often so I wouldn’t have known that my blood pressure is a bit high. I’ve been advised to speak to my doctor which I will do as soon as possible.”

Sheena Barrowdale, 44, from Ramsgate, popped into ASDA to do her shopping after her shift at B&Q and was persuaded to have an on-the-spot check. She said: “My cholesterol was a bit high so I’ve been advised to stop smoking. I’m definitely going to give it a go as we’ve got our first grandchild on the way next year and I want to stay fit and healthy. I think it’s brilliant that I was able to get my check here today, it was really convenient.”

The Big Thanet Health Check is being organised by KCHFT, which is commissioned by Kent County Council. Andrew Scott-Clark, KCC’s Director of Public Health, said: “There are many people in Thanet who are suffering from debilitating conditions and reaching the end of their life prematurely. The tragedy is that many of these conditions and premature deaths can be prevented through simple lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and increasing physical activity.

“While many of these people are aware of their health condition and the service available, NHS Health Checks are a good way of finding out if you are at increased risk of developing a serious condition and everyone who is entitled to one should take up the offer. High blood pressure and high cholesterol often cause no symptoms whatsoever, so unless you have a check you won’t know you have them. If you know that you are at risk there are services that can help you to get on the right track. Small changes to your lifestyle can really help to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, and you’ll feel fitter and healthier too.”

The Big Thanet Health Check continues until Saturday, 7 November. If you would like more information visit www. kenthealthandwellbeing. nhs. uk/health-checks or call 0300 123 1220 (option 4).