Best notebooks of 2017 – likely by sea

Now that 2017 is well underway, I wanted to loop back around on my organization situation to review where the cards – or rather notebooks – have fallen. Weight loss tumblr blogs What am I actually carrying around in my bag? Which notebooks do I write in every day? Do I have too many notebooks? Sure, some may say that. Losing weight workouts But I love them all. Exercise tracker app I’m not going to call out the ones that didn’t make it off the shelf, but these are really the best notebooks of 2017.

I’m still going strong with the Inkwell Press Quarterly Planners. Pregnancy and exercise recommendations I used these last year and they were amazing. Weight loss options Why mess with a good thing? This planner is so great for mapping out your goals and making them happen. Diet plan for abs in a month I love the way the 2017 planner is improved with a thicker cover than last year’s and incorporates some of the elements of bullet journaling into it. Exercise log app Now that I’m nearing the end of the first quarter though, I almost wish I didn’t have to put it away. Healthy diet for weight loss pdf I’ve taken more of a bullet journal key approach to the daily overview pages, so in addition to my daily schedule it has the spark of many ideas that I haven’t had time to execute on yet. Healthy diet chart for vegetarian indian May Designs Notebook

Does anyone else see May Designs everywhere these days? With good reason. Paleo diet legumes These notebooks are awesome. Lose weight fast diet free May Designs is a notebook company founded by Mica May, who I recently met at Thrive Conference in the Woodlands. Best diet to lose weight while working out My May notebook has a super thick cover that’s just perfect for tossing in my purse. Lose belly fat and gain muscle This journal is rife with whimsical details like pink-lined paper, a striped inside cover, and a hexagon game going strong on the outside design. Exercise everyday bad To my dismay, this notebook is filling up quickly! I guess I’ll have to buy another one. Weight calculator for kids May Designs stands out with super-cute notebook covers fueled by collaborations with artists, and custom notebook covers that you can design yourself. Definition of healthy diet They also carry academic agendas, planners, and health journals. Losing weight with pcos tips Don’t miss the Emily Ley planner collaboration or the notebook covers by Stephanie Ryan and Samantha Santana . Exercise moves for seniors Anthropologie Journal by Lucille Michieli

C is for Cynthia, and Likely By C. Paleo diet problems This as my daily journal for writing in, and the unlined pages mean I don’t have to be confined to just writing. Diet foods to eat I can draw too ?? There are very few notebooks I like to write on with a Micron that aren’t art notebooks. 7 days diet plan to reduce weight Microns are archival (acid-free) black pens for art drawing. Healthy diet images Using them on a regular notebook is absurd and a waste of ink. Exercise dance songs I prefer black gel pens for writing in regular notebooks and this cool printed Coleto multi-pen for color coding everything. Best diet recipes It has cats on it and blossom color tabs. Diet plan while breastfeeding Anyway, the way Microns glide over the paper surface in this notebook is just divine. The best diet The journal is cute, fabric-covered, doesn’t show dirt, and – like all Anthropologie things -embellished with the most divine details. I want to lose weight fast naturally An ivy pattern climbs on the sides of the pages, a polka print dots the inside pages, and a snail illustration on the front reminds me to value slowness. Jlo weight loss Good things come with time. Tips of weight loss When I slow down enough to process, work, and reflect, my projects develop better. Weight loss tumblr MiquelRuis Notebook

Tired of looking at a legal pad at work? I bought this floral print MiquelRuis notebook to spice up my work notes. Slow carb diet meal plan I love the way that the paper is lined with a rainbow of pastel colors for 4 subjects, the inside cover is pink, and it’s the perfect size to tuck in 8.5?11 printouts for meetings or stack on my laptop when going to and fro in the office. Exercise room dimensions I’ll be honest: I love this tropical floral print. Weight calculator during pregnancy Did it inspire our upcoming trip to Costa Rica, or did the upcoming trip to Costa Rica inspire me to buy the notebook? Chicken? Egg? It doesn’t matter. Paleo kids I do my best work when I’m inspired and this notebook puts a smile on my face every time I see it. Losing weight tips without exercise Strathmore Acid-Free Sketchbook

I haven’t been without one of these bad boys since college.This is the workhorse of sketchbooks: unlined, white, acid-free paper for drawing on with pencil or pen. Low carb diet weight loss results It’s great for brainstorming, working out ideas or collages, and drawing in front of the TV. Foods for low carb diet But I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to paper quality and don’t like using paint on these sketchbooks. I need to lose weight in 2 weeks It wrinkles the pages. Diet plan to lose belly fat after pregnancy The sturdy cover makes this bad boy great for traveling around with and tossing in whatever bag for the day. Diet plan for gestational diabetes Although I use the large bound notebook, it comes in a variety of sizes depending on what suits your needs. Exercise 3 sentence completion Canson Mixed Media Sketchbook

Love this paper for the value. Weight loss videos These Canson notebooks are so great for mixed media, although I mainly use them for watercolor, acrylic,and color studies. Paleo alcohol mixers I debated over a few different mixed media notebooks before going for the Canson, because it was the best in class for value. Exercise pictures clip art The spiral bound pages mean you can easily fold the book so it fits on your desk or in your lap, and you don’t have to worry about the adjacent pages flopping over onto your wet work in progress. How do i lose belly fat without losing weight Each page is perforated so you can easily tear out a finished piece if you want to mount it or gift it or forget it ever happened ?? Black & Red

My old faithful (not pictured). Paleo diet definition I write down the sequences to all of the yoga, dance, and aerial classes that I go to in my Black & Red. Cinnamon and weight loss results I keep this notebook in my car door (hence not pictured – it really doesn’t leave the car), so I can write down the sequences and notes as soon as I leave class. Paleo diet plan free This makes for a great reference to look back on what I’ve been working on, build fresh yoga sequences from, or experiment with ways to call out poses. Losing weight with hypothyroidism treatment I specifically chose the Black & Red for this because it’s a good quality, classic, bold and professional notebook, which is the way I like to think about my fitness classes.

There you have it! Notebooks for every daily occasion. Dangers of low carb diet Do I have too many notebooks? Maybe. Healthy diet for teens But they are all awesome. Exercise calorie calculator elliptical This system works for me. Healthy diet for weight loss in hindi Did I leave any awesome notebooks out? Let me know what your organizational system looks like!

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