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Hi ????! Just thought I’d leave these with you tonight…sweet dreams insta friends!! ????????Grab the recipe for these APPLE CRISP STUFFED APPLES on the blog now + check out one of my favorite ways to get my kids involved in the kitchen. 7 day low carb diet #ad #madewithmylittlepartners #fall #thanksgiving #recipe #apple #november #eeeeeats #vsco #vscofood #foodstagram #foodgawker #foodblogfeed #f52grams #feedfeed #thebakefeed #huffposttaste #igfood #foodpics #onthetable #forkyeah #nomnom #thatsdarling #thekitchn #beautifulcuisines #foodgram #treatyoself #foodbeast #momlife #lmsbakes

Happy Birthday Dad! Since I can’t be home to celebrate and I am pretty sure you are the reason I love pie so much, I thought I would make you a virtual pie. Weight loss doctors We are calling it Big Tuck’s Peanut Butter Pie and I promise a virtual pie is almost as good as a real life pie…almost 😉

My recipe for roasted blackberries – creamy lemon rice pudding combines the best of both worlds: flavorful roasted sweet berries with a rich and not-too-sweet rice pudding. Exercise addiction help Using sushi rice cuts down the cooking time and that makes this a quick stovetop rice pudding and means food in my bowl 10 minutes earlier.

@robbynabors brought home some donut pans the other day (such a subtle hint ), so today I tried my hand at it and this was the result! Baked brown butter and pistachio donuts…and omg, they are good! This might just have to be the start of a new weekend tradition!

Um guys I did a thing… Healthy diet for weight loss chart I stuffed peanut butter, mocha, and cheesecake into brownies and the result is freaking epic.

Low carb diet pros and cons Warning, these aren’t really healthy. Low carb diet risks Like, at all…But I just really wanted to make some real brownies

matcha glazed black sesame bundt cakes. P90x diet plan I’ve been dreaming of making these mini bundt cakes for quite some time and that dream finally came true this weekend. Benefits of losing weight getting to create in the kitchen is one of my favorite ways to escape the busyness of life – there’s something about the process that calms me & excites me all at the same time

For the new year I wanted to make a healthier cake, so I whipped up this honey yogurt cake, which is so dreamy in my book… It’s sweetened with honey and has a mix of wheat and almond flour, coconut oil, a touch of vanilla, and a dash of lemon. Paleo banana bread calories I love it because it’s not too sweet! just right with great depth of flavor. Paleo diet for vegetarians I was going to pair this with a zesty lemon buttercream but decided it would be a bit overpowering. 7 days weight loss diet plan What I really wanted was to pile whipped cream on top and dig in, but as many of you know, whipped cream is not stable and is just not well suited for a layer cake. Healthy diet recipes The solution? A mascarpone whipped cream mixture which is so good I can’t even describe with words how creamy and light it is, it pairs perfectly with all the berries I jammed into it. Exercise heart rate zones Did I mention that I ate an entire cake over the course of a day during the recipe development?

12 DAYS OF COOKIES // Caramel Stuffed Sea Salt Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies It’s DAY 8! Just in case you thought this series was going to go quietly into the night…these. Losing weight tips fast Super soft, caramel-y, sea salty chocolate chip cookies. Exercise questions My old pastry chef would gift a batch of these (sans caramel) to the concierge at each of the finest, fanciest hotels in San Francisco around the holidays #cookiepoints. Pregnancy and exercise heart rate They’re that yummy.

Who wants a slice? Assembling this elegant and delectable dessert is easier than it looks. How to lose weight quickly in 7 days The tip to baking it and getting the perfect texture with no cracks in the crust is to turn the oven off and crack the oven door to allow it to finish cooking at a much lower temperature.

Yesterday my lil’ cheese baby girl turned ONE and we convinced her that kale puff crackers were dessert. Best diet for fat loss and muscle retention This weekend she’ll get to smash her very first taste of cake (albeit gluten-free and refined sugar free) while the rest of us adults shove these gluten free double chocolate cupcakes in our faces with equal lack of restraint.

“…in the darkness there must come out to light.” – Bob Marley. Weight loss plateau Figured we’d change it up from the previous dark shot to light with this amazing little concoction using the spiced banana syrup I made recently.

Use this recipe as a guide to making your own Vegan version like @heatbeetkitchen! Substitute coconut cream ice cream, almond milk, vegan chocolate and maybe a little extra peanut butter! Recipe Original Source

New Post! > Looking for an easy and festive holiday dessert? YOU GUYS! Chocolate Mocha Glazed Gingerbread Fritters are a game changer. Exercise gym ball 10 minutes is all that stands between you and fried dough goodness. Weight loss routine Made with @bobsredmill all-purpose flour, gingerbread spices and then covered in a decadent chocolate mocha glazed. Diet plan to lose belly fat and love handles Can you say winning?!!

You guys, I have been going NUTS looking for rhubarb at every farmers market + regular market I’ve been too lately, and I can’t find it ANYWHERE. Exercise heart rate definition It’s making me seriously miss the massive piles of it at the farmers market in Seattle. Weight loss websites Where’s a girl supposed to get some rhubarb in Southern California?!? I’ve been dyyying to whip up another batch of these irresistible Raspberry Rhubarb Bars that I made last year – they have an amazing frangipane topping that the fruit just melts into. Weight loss tips for men It’s so heavenly (and Paleo!). Weight loss grocery list If you’ve got rhubarb in your parts, you’ve got to make this one to virtually share with me and I might make a batch with strawberries and raspberries until I can find some rhubarb of my own. Low carb diet results 2 weeks ALSO, if you know somewhere in San Diego that has rhubarb, plz let me know.

Can I confess something to you: I love Halloween! Can I make another confession? I’m having a family, Pokemon themed Halloween party you’re judging me. Is paleo diet healthy In order to divert your attention away from the patheticness that is my life, I made you some Paleo and vegan mini Pumpkin Jack-o-lantern Cheesecakes! You guys, the cute factor? So HIGH. Ways of losing weight Annnddd the delicious factor? Even higher! The creamy goodness of these little cuties is out of control!

The recipe linked here is for a similar pinata tutorial from @craftedbyjen. Weight loss meal plan To make the halloween themed ones pictured here, just cut out a ghost or pumpkin shape instead and use colored card stock for the features. Exercise recommendations Recipe Original Source

4 ways to make your water more exciting! As you’ve heard time and time again, drinking plenty of water is a must, especially in the summer when it’s so easy to become dehydrated.It’s a top priority to get in plenty of water for good digestion, flushing out toxins, helping our body perform all of its necessary functions, helping with weight loss, pretty and glowing skin, and great overall health! It’s fun to get creative with water and I’ve gotta say I’m officially obsessed with these water fruit popsicles we have blackberries, strawberries, pink dragon fruit, cherries, clementines, kiwi, pink lemons & a fun combo at the top they are super easy, SO fun to make & delicious!

My absolute favourite Indian dessert: SHRIKHAND Traditionally it’s a simple mix of curd cheese and sugar, topped of with saffron, cardamom, nuts and fruit such as pomegranate depending on personal preferences. Best diet for fat loss female My mum made it with a Greek yoghurt and quark and cardamom topped with saffron, pistachio, pomegranate and almond. Paleo diet honey I remember my mum used to add tinned fruit and I’d always try get the cherries. Weight loss goal calculator mayo clinic it’s only made on special occasions! Think it would make a great cheesecake topping!

Elderflower Marshmallows. How to lose weight using apple cider vinegar Kevin loves marshmallows so I wanted to create something especially for him, Gelatin is quite versatile and can be whipped up to a fine foam with lots of air, to give it that nice marshmallow texture. Best diet to lose weight fast 2016 You can use any herbal tea for this, you can make calming chamomile marshmallows or hibiscus.

Maamoul and kaa’ek! And happy Easter! Across the world major religious or cultural events are usually marked by special foods and sweets that add another dimension to the whole occasion. Lose weight fast in a month For middle eastern christians Easter is one of these occasions! As far back in time as my memory can go, I remember that during the holy week before easter, the family gathers to prepare a special and really delicious sweet usually enjoyed this time of the year: Maamoul or semolina cookies. Struggling with weight loss Now I prepare these delicious cookies by myself while my family still gather back home! And this year I also made kaa’ek el eid or spicy easter cookies! #feedfeed

Treat yourself this weekend with this indulgent ?Salted Caramel Tahini Cheesecake? it’s by far the best raw dessert I’ve ever had! Click the link in my profile for more easy, healthy and delicious #vegan & #glutenfree #video recipes! And make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel for many more videos coming soon! Happy Saturday???? (using @belovedates #date nectar @sumawholefoods #coconutoil @almondbreeze unsweetened #almondmilk )

For those who were interested last week, these Pink Grapefruit & Blood Orange Pate de Fruit are on Now, Forager today. Healthy diet schedule These layered fruit jelly candies are mouth-puckering tart grapefruit flavor on one side and sweet deep blood orange on the other. Diet plan to gain weight fast All coated in an aromatic infused vanilla bean sugar. Weight loss in a month As your mouth opens to take the first bite the scent of their flavor can be tasted before even touching the tongue. Weight loss 4 weeks Winter citrus magic.

I’ve been channeling my inner Julia Child and think I nailed it with this easy BEEF BOURGUIGNON! It’s a twist on a classic Beef Bourguignon with a few tricks up its sleeve. Diet plan to lose 10 pounds Namely it’s made in a slow cooker!

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