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Are there viable arguments for denying women the right to vote? No there aren’t.

How did this used to be the norm? Go back in time. Diet plan to lose weight fast after pregnancy Way back to when infant and childhood mortality were very high and pretty much everyone was a farmer or hunter-gatherer or made their living from a primarily labor-based family business. Exercise induced anaphylaxis causes The more kids you had, the more hands there were to work on the farm or to hunt or whatever.

Paleo chili recipe crock pot Kids were free labor. Liquid diet for weight loss surgery Kids were your retirement plan. Weight loss on wellbutrin Big families were a really good thing. Low carb diet constipation Also, you could count on losing a few kids before they grew to be adults because of the high mortality rates.

The direct result of this was that women spent a lot more time pregnant and a lot more time taking care of children. Exercise pictures tumblr That was really important. Exercise moves to lose weight at home In order for society to work, women had to raise families. Low carb diet headache The bigger the better. Diet plan to gain weight female In order for that to work, men had to grow, gather or hunt food to feed the big family. Losing weight in college Society reinforced these roles because the more dedicated hardworking men and dedicated baby-making women you had the bigger your tribe could grow, the more land it could dominate, the less chance the tribe next door will push you off your turf. Exercise videos on netflix 2016 That’s what worked for societies.

Successful societies were ones where people believed that making babies and taking care of the home was what women were for. Exercise induced anaphylaxis treatment Providing food and taking care of the other stuff (government, warfare, etc.) was what men were for.

Circumstances changed more quickly than beliefs did. Exercise before bed Physical strength was no longer the single biggest job requirement. 1 week weight loss diet plan Infant and child mortality went way down. Paleo diet food plan Children started going to schools, there were social services, wealth meant more than how much grain you had in the barn. Best diet meal plan People still had the old attitudes, so business, government, and voting were all “man” things and women continued to be stuck in the home long after the need for it had passed.

Some people still have a hard time letting go of the bad old days.

There was once a time in the US where only land owners could vote. Weight loss clinic diet pills Eventually women came into possession of land…husbands died, fathers died, etc, but they were still forbade from voting until the late 1800s. Weight loss 1 week 1870 was when the 15th amendment passed, so probably until around that time for sure.

Today, there are no viable arguments as to why women can’t vote. Exercise induced anaphylaxis statistics Women are people too.

I cannot answer for the first question directly, but i can explain some reasons why it was the norm before.

Sexism. Liquid diet for weight loss in 7 days As most of us know, sexism used to be a very real thing in the past, and women were geniunely tought of as second class citizens. Lemon and weight loss People simply tought that wonen are just too stupid to have a say in politics.

Other, more defendable and viable argument back then and partly even today is/was that women were not required to serve in the military. Weight loss and pcos So the argument was that women need not vote if they cannot defend their country with their lives. Low carb diet alcohol You could also see it that in a way, the right yo vote was given as an award for men who had served.

Some people still argue this. Best diet for abs workout In countries such as finland or swizerland where men still have mandatory military service, some feel that it is unjust that women get all the same perks that men do, while not having to give away (x amount) of years in the military at the age in witch one would be advancing their careers, and not having to sacrifice their lives in potential wars.

There are no viable arguments, it’s despicable to even suggest it. How to lose belly fat in 7 days Women were traditionally denied the vote for no reason other than the fact that they were women and thus were in capable of being good citizens.

Thete are no viable arguments for either the subjugation of eomen or for their denial of voting rights.

The very weak argument in the past would have been lack of education and biblical demands of the barefoot and pregnant handcuffs placed on women of the Occidental world.

Please keep in mind these proverbial handcuffs existed only in the Occidental world. Paleo apple pie muffins Although it had spread to the Orient with the missionaries it was neither inherent nor organic to the Oriental culture.

To see the actuality: Keep in mind Hindu women or women of Vedic heritage were greatly respected for their knowledge and wisdom in traditional culture. Healthy diet plans for women Of course that was severely curtailed and suppressed after Muslim invasion followed by British rule.

However that was comparitively a recent development in the history of Bharat known as India after British rule.

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