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Feeling pale all the time? Although menstrual cycle may often associated with it, a study reveals that Anemia (iron deficiency) can be caused by more serious medical condition such as coeliac disease and other illnesses.

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Sue Mark, engineering consultant from Gosport, Hants, had been experiencing many symptoms that are associated with iron deficiency. Most of the doctors she visited associated her paleness on her monthly period which can be considered

normal. Unknown to her physicians is that she’s suffering a more severe condition called coeliac disease. Before Sue was diagnosed, she experienced some unexplainable symptoms other than anemia, such as palpitation, and bloating of stomach after consuming food.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) explained, ” Following a positive blood test for anaemia, anyone other than menstruating or pregnant women who doesn’t have any other obvious symptoms should be tested for coeliac disease.”

Coeliac disease is a condition by which a person is experiencing a digestion problem due to negative reaction on gluten. Under treatment may result to malnutrition or osteoporosis. Common symptoms include, diarrhea, bloating, bruising, anemia, weight loss, vomiting and swelling of hands, feet, arms and legs. Though it is incurable, switching to gluten-free diet can prevent the occurrence of some body pains and inflammation.

Other than coeliac disease, Anemia can also lead to more serious diagnosis such as gastro-intestinal and bowel cancers. Fiona Clarke just after giving birth to her daughter found that her hemoglobin level is low. Doctors misjudged her condition and blame the symptoms on giving birth to her child. After undergoing on several tests, doctors found out that she has colorectal (bowel cancer), an illness that usually starts in the large bowel. Symptoms include blood in the stools, changes in bowel habit (such as to more frequent, looser stools) and abdominal pain.

Due to previous cases in which anemia is treated lightly, Toby Richards, a lead in patient blood management at the Royal Free Hospital, London extended a call for both patients and doctors, “Although people may not be inclined to go to the doctor complaining of tiredness, anaemia should always be addressed.”

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