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“I lost about 40lbs through changing my eating habits and regular exercise over a period of about 18 months, but I had hit a plateau.

Paleo diet on a budget I was referred to a weight loss clinic by my co-workers, who are having great success with phentermine. Weight loss tips hypothyroidism After my first week of taking phentermine 37.5, I was constantly famished, and tired. Exercise music video At the 3 week marker (down 6 lbs), I requested to switch to Adipex. Exercise science I noticed a difference the very first dose. Losing weight stories I’m on day 3 of Adipex, and it seems to do a much more consistent job of curbing my appetite, and I don’t feel sleepy. Exercise calories burned table I’m not overly energetic, but also not jittery, and I’m

not getting the headaches. Lose belly fat after c section Trying it for a week before possibly checking into another option. Exercise tv hulu So far, I am feeling optimistic.”

“Lost 45 lbs on this medicine and couldn’t be happier. 200g protein diet This pill works.

I have kept the weight off for 6 mos now and desire to lose another 15 – 20 Lbs so I’m going back on it. Weight loss lunch ideas for school My belly has shrunk!

Some people that haven’t seen me in a while do a double take.

Counting my calories, exercising 5 days a week, keeping a food diary and drinking lots of H2O helps too.

“Addition to my original post: Started on 1/19/2017 5’4” 18 yr. Cinnamon and weight loss dr oz old female weighing 168 lbs. Weight loss ideas Always been a little overweight and decided to make a change. Paleo banana bread muffins It is now 2/17/2017 and have lost 7 lbs. Weight loss journey quotes so I now weigh 161. Exercise dance music I got those results with a semi-strict diet and working out frequently (about 5-6 days a week). Paleo diet youtube I don’t have a ton of weight to lose so it hasn’t melted off as fast as others but it definitely works! Just have extreme dry mouth. How much should i run to lose weight I would recommend this to anyone serious about losing weight. Exercise motivational quotes posters Will update again in a month. Lose water weight quickly ***3/17/17 *** now weigh 154.6, total weight loss of 14 lbs. Best diet for pcos in two months. I need to lose weight in 3 days This month will be my last month bc my body fat and bmi will most likely be back in normal range”

“I started adipex last Tuesday 2/28/17 my starting weight 208, today 3/6/17 my weight is 190.3, I’m amazed with this pill, first day I felt a very slight headache I thought it was cause I didn’t have my regular cup of coffee , so I had one, I experienced slight nausea but didn’t last long, it’s amazing how my appetite has decrease and I can’t eat completely my meal, till yesterday I didn’t even feel hungry, today I felt hungry around 10:30 am and eat just a 1/3 part of a protein bar, at 12 have half of left over from yesterday dinner cause had no desire to finished, I’m very happy so far , also I have no problems to sleep, I take my pill every morning at 7 and eat for breakfast a protein bar an hour later with 16 oz of water, total 10 daily.”

“I started this medication on 2/18/2017 at a starting weight of 323 lbs (I’m 5’11”). Paleo diet lose weight I’ve tried and tried to lose weight and it just was not happening. Liquid diet for weight loss menu My doctor prescribed me this medication and put me on a strict 1600 calorie diet. Diet plan to lose weight fast in hindi So far I have lost 12 lbs in my 14 days on this medication. Healthy diets for weight loss fast I do work out everyday and lift weights as well. 10 exercises If you combine a good diet and exercise with this medication I believe it most definitely will pay off.”

So far I have lost about a pound a day I only eat 1000 calories a day and exercise whenever I get up early enough I have experienced some terrible side effects which include dry mouth , insomnia , tingling in my left leg ,jitters, and headaches. Exercise equipment stores The side effects are terrible but I’ve look up ways to deal with them dry mouth I drink a bunch of water , insomnia I take zzzquil jitters drink more water and take deep breaths , headaches I take pain pills. Paleo diet breakfast on the go Does anyone know how long before my body gets used to this medication and the side effects go away ?”

“I have been taking these pills on and off since last year. Weight loss stories When I am strict with my diet I see amazing results. A healthy diet should include My body has adapted to them, so that is my only downfall. Exercise heart rate during pregnancy They are no as affective as when I 1st started them.

To anyone having side effects, I was having terrible headaches and dry mouth. Best diet for men My doctor offers name brand and generic pills. Healthy diet food plans The generic pills give me massive side effects, I can only take name brand. Weight loss in face If you are having side effects take 1/2 pill in the am and the other 1/2 pill late morning. Paleo diet breakfast foods That way you can split the dose, it will stay in your system longer and may help with evening crashes.”

“I gained a lot of weight after having my 1st son and a failed IUD. Pink weight loss My doc prescribed Adipex 37.5 and I took it 5-6 days per week for 5 months. How to lose weight in 7 days at home video In the beginning it gave me extreme dry mouth and it was hard to fall asleep because of the energy boost but it suppressed my appetite A LOT and if I ate to much it made me vomit. Walking to lose weight calculator I started working out slowly a few times per week and by the time I stopped taking it I was working out 5 days a week. Weight loss eating plan south africa I am 5’8 and my start weight was 195 my end weight was 137.After my 2nd son I lost the weight easily and got back down to 140 but after my daughter I gained and could not lose anything, my energy was low and I could not control my appetite. Weight loss kansas city As soon. Exercise science degree jobs As I am done breastfeeding I will be taking Adipex again”

“I started phentermine capsules end of August 2016 weight was about 197-199lbs starting out. Possessive s exercises elementary I tried to lose weight for 2 years I had never been this heavy & felt miserable everyday cut out pop was drinking only water & attempted to diet with no success. Weight loss doctors near me Tried the tablets before 37.5 mg gained 10lbs so this time my primary doctor called in capsules to the pharmacy, within the first week I lost around 7lbs which I’m sure was water weight. Best diet to lose weight and lower cholesterol First month I lost 25lbs give or take then the 2nd month I didn’t lose so I went off of them for 2 weeks started again lost a couple more lbs. Healthy diet foods for lunch I am now 165lbs Feb. Losing weight for no reason 2017 I haven’t lost since but I have maintained. L carnitine weight loss side effects I also never exercised. The best diet for managing diabetes 500 calories the first 3 weeks on them with breaks here & there.”

I started taking adipex yesterday (02/10/2017 and I had a boost of energy for about 5 hours along with constantly sweating, dizzy, no appetite I had to force myself to eat and my heart racing and blurry vision here and there. Losing weight loose skin I sure do hope to see results because these side effects are pretty terrible. 4 day diet plan Any recommendations? I’m drinking lots of water and eating with the pill.”

“Today was my 1st day taking to pill. Weight loss after pregnancy I had energy for about 12 hours and really no urge to eat although I did. Low carb diet and cholesterol I drank plenty of water today, I felt like I had dry mouth. Exercise games online No real bad side effects. Weight loss calendar pdf I did work out and it help.”

“Started on Jan16th 2017 and today is Feb 8th 2017 so far I’ve lost 11 pounds but I have skipped days which is about once a week and on my period days. Weight loss 6 weeks Start weight was 200 and today I weigh 189. Weight calculator for adults I workout out at least twice a week based on my busy schedule. Exercise no equipment The pill works great on my appetite and keeps me drinking water a gallon a day. Weight loss meal prep ideas I barely consume enough calories usually about 500 to 800 a day and I’ve noticed on my cheat days I end up losing more the next day. Military diet day one I need more motivation to get to my goal weight. Weight loss inspirational words Wish me luck ! 25 year old female 5’2”

“I started adipex-p 1-25-17 the first day within 30 mins of taking it, I was nauseated and started choking down water trying not to vomit, sadly I did anyway afterwards I continued the water, the nausea settled and I decided to try it the next day so far it’s been 10 days on a 1300 calorie diet & workout 3-5 time a week and drinking mostly water only Juice once a week and I’m down 9lbs I’m 35 and very over weight with a goal from the doctor of 31lbs lol and that is me being reasonable. Low carb diet ketosis Anyway weight loss is a struggle and I wish everyone success with there goals but I think it’s worth trying!”

Reddheadfoxx82 (taken for less than 1 month) February 3, 2017

“When I first started I had to take a blood test and low and behold the reason I had gained weight was my thyroid was not normal ( explains the gobs of hair falling out too) that 1st week I took both pills and it was seriously the worst week my body has ever put me through! Which I’m positive it was the thyroid meds but it made me an absolute wreck! I have now lost 15 lbs in a month and a half! I run on the treadmill everyday and well my eating is minimum which it has been like that since before this. Weight loss unintentional The adipex makes me feel normal again easier to focus and at normal energy levels which I’m sure the thyroid meds are helping that along too. Raw till 4 diet plan All & all completely worth it but make sure you have a complete blood test done before you take it!”

“I started the pill on 1/24/17.. Exercise zumba yesterday. Exercise calorie calculator by weight I do have energy, not hungry at all. Diet plan for abs india I have to force myself to eat. Best diet and exercise app Only thing I have a concern with I have dry mouth. Exercise videos on netflix uk Which I guess not bad I went from drinking no water to drinking tons of it.”

“It definitely helps with cravings and weightloss, however if you have or do experience anxiety or depression already this pill is not going to help. The best diet plan for abs I did lose about 5-6lbs the first couple weeks but I had to stop because it was making me a crazy person. Exercise tiger casualty list I had the most horrible anxiety and I just felt mean and upset and sad and it really affected my emotions negatively. Kim k weight loss Just be careful!”

“I’m 5’4 weighing at 160. How to lose belly fat fast for men I’ve always been 115-120.Two years ago I had thyriod problems which made me gain some weight.I started adipex 12/12/16 starting out a half of a pill. 6 ways to lose belly fat I took it around 10:30 when I woke up I had the energy to go walking.. Diet plan to lower cholesterol Before the pill I had 0 energy and wasn’t motivated to exercise. Losing weight in your 30s I felt like I had energy all day and didn’t have much of an appitite. Exercise pictures and instructions I had to go to work that night 4:00-11:00pm still having my energy but I felt like I was starting to crash by the time I got off work. Low carb diet results one week I also slept good that night which I never do. Exercises to burn fat So today I took the other half of the pill around 7:00am with no breakfast. Healthy diet app I was more tired today but wasn’t as hungry. Exercise workouts Tomorrow I’m going to try a whole pill.”

“I started Adipex on 11/14/16 my starting weight was 310 weight today is 301 it’s day 4 I weighed in yesterday and lost 9 lbs. Losing weight during pregnancy I don’t seem to have more energy. Liquid diet for weight loss indian But it does work. Best diet for abs and chest The only side effects I have are dry mouth, and a slight headache. Counting calories to lose weight calculator I have absolutely no appetite, and have to force myself to eat but I also have no desire to drink sodas or ANY junk food. Lose belly fat diet plan Which is a great thing. How to lose weight naturally without exercise I love this pill and would recommend it.”

“I was 350# Jan 2016 my A1C was 7.7 my liver enzymes 176- it was lose weight or else. Losing weight to get pregnant I gave up all forms of sweets started eating better much less portions. Lose belly fat in 2 days As of Nov 5 2016 I have lost 94# and 14 inches, my A1C 5.5, liver enzymes 24 very happy and still losing. Healthy diet grocery list Remember diets begin and end so don’t diet instead make a lifestyle change. Healthy diet plan to lose weight It can be done if I can do it so can anyone.”

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