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“A community driven exploration into the pursuit of physical excellence via ketosis. Exercise tv hulu Whether you want to GAIN health, endurance, strength, speed, muscle or a lean body, it can all be done with a well-formulated, ketogenic diet.”

On Ketogains, we will teach you how to achieve an optimal body recomposition by following a program that involves a diet of whole, mostly unprocessed foods: low on sugars, adequate on proteins, and healthy fats.

Ketosis is a nice and healthy side effect of our general macro and micro recommendations.

All advice here, comes mainly from respected scientific and sport / nutrition sources (Jeff Volek, Steven Phinney, Peter Attia, Bill Lagakos, Menno Henselmans, Lyle McDonald, Ted Naiman, Jacob Wilson, et al.) and adapted toward our athletic endeavors.

When I was 15-years-old, I took off my clothes and looked in the mirror.

200g protein diet When I stared at myself naked, I realized that to be perfectly proportioned I would need twenty-inch arms to match the rest of me. Weight loss lunch ideas for school -Arnold Schwarzenegger

RULE 1: When asking for help, provide: Total Weight, BF%. Cinnamon and weight loss dr oz Height, Sex, Age, sport and for how long have you been following a ketogenic diet.

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Has anyone had any experience using this? I started using it around a month ago, and it seems to increase the amount of fat I’ve lost per week.

Prior, I was averaging 3 lbs a week or so, but after a week or so using ALCAR, I started noticing that I was averaging closer to 4.5 lbs a week. Lose water weight quickly I did change a little in my diet, but the macros remained just about the same.

Some google-research seems to indicate it’s good for weight loss, but I typically am skeptical about claims like that.

Just wanted some opinions/comments regarding personal experience with it.

Edit: Trying to narrow down out of the changes I’ve made as to what is seemingly an increase in weight loss, so I can continue to do so.

Diet and training make up 99% of where my focus is. Best diet for pcos Supplements, which may or may not work, 1%.

Here are the results of L-Carnitine from (whom I trust):

A decrease in ammonia has been noted, and appears to influence both hepatic encephalopathy as well as persons with no significant liver damage

Carnitine at 3g daily appears to increase sperm quality mostly related to sperm morphology; there are mixed effects on sperm motility

Symptoms of intermittent claudation are notably reduced with L-Carnitine supplementation (the rate of improvement over time, as assessed by walking distance, seems to be doubled; ie. I need to lose weight in 3 days from 40% to 60% or 60% to 90%) and associated with the Propinyl-L-Carnitine form (found in the supplement GPLC). Paleo diet lose weight The role of propinoic acid cannot be ruled out at this time, and studies have note used basic L-carnitine or ALCAR

A decrease in blood glucose has been noted with carnitine supplementation

A decrease in the exercise-induced increase in MDA levels is seen with carnitine supplementation, possibly secondary to reducing damage to muscle tissue. Liquid diet for weight loss menu The degree of MDA reduction is not overly remarkable

There appears to be a fat reducing effect of L-Carnitine supplementation, but this may be limited to elderly persons; limited studies in otherwise healthy youth and adults fail to note an effect

An increase in insulin sensitivity appears to exist with carnitine supplementation, and at least once has been noted in otherwise healthy lean males. Diet plan to lose weight fast in hindi This may be secondary to glucose disposition into tissues

Carnitine appears to be somewhat effective in reducing fatigue in elderly persons with low muscular endurance and perhaps in chronic fatigue syndrome; there is insufficient evidence to support a role of carnitine in reducing exercise-induced fatigue

Overall, doesn’t seem to do much with a healthy normal person.

Thanks for the response. Healthy diets for weight loss fast Just trying to determine if it’s worth the extra $$$ to keep using. 10 exercises Google brought up several sites that had differing opinions, and sometimes it’s hard to sort out what’s accurate.

It looks like there are minor benefits at most for healthy people, with not enough studies for fat reduction.

You really don’t though. Exercise equipment stores You can’t lose that much fat in a week (unless you’re very overweight, like 500lbs). Paleo diet breakfast on the go It’s most likely water fluctuations or at the worst lean mass loss.

When I say 4.5lbs, it was an average. Weight loss stories The first week, I lost 4.7 lbs, the next 3.8, the week after right around 4 lbs. A healthy diet should include I haven’t gone the full week yet to determine what this week’s loss will be. Exercise heart rate during pregnancy If I match it against prior weeks, probably 3-3.7 lbs., maybe slightly more.

I go to the gym daily. Best diet for men Every other day, I do 5×5, with accessory exercises. Healthy diet food plans In between days, I run 2 miles on the indoor track, followed by 15 -20 minutes on a lifecycle.

My deficit is ~30-33%, if I had to guess. Weight loss in face 1200 calories on 5×5 days, 1000 on off days. Paleo diet breakfast foods I am sadly moderately overweight atm. Pink weight loss I had lost 100 lbs but gained back 30-40 (currently just over 200 now).

Before I started L-Carnitine, I was losing ~10 lbs a month like clockwork. How to lose weight in 7 days at home video As far as I can tell, I am not losing lean muscle, as my lifts are going up and I am eating my lean body weight in protein.

I fully expect to see that ~4.5 lbs a week drop down to maybe 3-3.5 in a couple weeks to a month. Walking to lose weight calculator I lost some control (stress and more) and binged for a week a short time ago, so as was mentioned, it’s likely water weight and some fat, but I am serious when I say it looks like I’m losing more fat with ALCAR than without.

I did 9 months of keto to lose that 100 lbs before I lost control for a bit, so I suspect that I didn’t regress to the state I was in (260 lbs) and I’ve been able to get back into ketosis faster.

I do train dry fasted, and typically, when I check my weight, I’m at my lowest each time.

That’s a huge deficit so I hope you ease off after a while. Weight loss eating plan south africa 1200 cals is definitely not enough for a 5×5 day. Weight loss kansas city I eat 1800 on 5×5 days. Exercise science degree jobs About 1600 on other days, but I concentrate on meeting macro grams rather than watching calories except to ensure I have enough of them to fuel my workouts.

It’s a temp thing. Possessive s exercises elementary Gonna hit 160 or so then recomp. Weight loss doctors near me I will be monitoring myself for muscle loss and what not and moderate things as I go. Best diet to lose weight and lower cholesterol Definitely paying attention to my body so I don’t break something.

Was easily able to hit 160 the first time around with no health issues, and I’m more experienced this time round.

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