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There was once a time when Eddie could sheet home all Collingwood’s woes to the Swans. Weight loss on atkins Sydney got wise to it though and decided to stop winning, cleverly negating Eddie’s attacks.

It’s probably not a sustainable strategy.

Paleo diet dairy Sources tell me that Swans fans are keen to give winning a go again.

With the Swans no longer able to be blamed for things, a bit of blamestorming was done and it was decided Nathan Buckley should be the focus of everyone’s attention.

It seems some people think Buckley can’t coach. Paleo 360 brot A tough call considering we’ve only had five full seasons to judge him on.

As someone who doesn’t barrack for Collingwood, I say give the guy time to prove himself. Weight loss pills prescription Another five years of this at least.

To blame it all on Buckley is unfair anyway; it’s been a real team effort on and off the field, to be this bad.

Bad is too harsh, Collingwood are worse than that, they’re only OK. 10 day diet plan to lose weight That’s the worst place to be in the AFL. Weight loss journey blog You don’t play finals, and you don’t get the best draft picks.

Instead, Collingwood are just background noise, the Maroon 5 of the AFL, popular but beige.

This is Buddy Franklin’s 250 th game, and he’s been a huge success in Sydney, once they taught him which side of the road they drove on up there.

There’s nothing like watching Franklin in full flight. I exercise in spanish He plays the game like everyone dreamt they could as kids.

Sydney would want to win this. Diet plan to lose belly fat A loss here and we can officially put them in the CRISIS zone. Exercise games They should be fine though.

The Giants got back to normal programming last week against the Gold Coast, and now they play North Melbourne in the Josh Kelly Cup.

North have apparently offered Josh Kelly a nine-year $9 million contract. Exercise challenge ideas Now the source of that claim is Brian Waldron, and as we all known, good old Brian is a wiz with numbers.

If he says, it’s $9 million, who knows how much more it is? It’s probably at least a couple of home renos; some pretend jobs for Josh’s family and a boat too.

Remember when the Melbourne Storm, under Brian’s watch, slipped a player a $20,000 gift voucher for a major retailer?

Greater Western Sydney say they’re confident Josh will stay, but they’re hardly going to say anything else.

If the deal is even close to that, you’d expect Kelly to take it. Military diet indian version I mean, it’s in the ‘an offer he can’t refuse’ range.

If he doesn’t, you’d have to wonder what it would take to get anyone to go to the Kangaroos. Top 10 diet foods Or perhaps I’m understating the charms of the City of Parramatta.

Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh, right, Giants to win this.

Now the tipping gets hard. Low carb diet macros Here we have two undefeated teams but if you’ve seen them play that seems like false advertising.

Richmond may be 2-0 but last week’s win was based a lot on Collingwood’s ability to find ways to lose.

Anyone that saw that game would take the Tiger’s undefeated start with a grain of salt. Diet and exercise plan Perhaps a grain from each of the three types of salts available at the footy this year (which is a big part of what’s wrong with the world).

The Eagles weren’t much better last week against the Saints, and if St Kilda had kicked straight, they would have lost.

The thugs from Melbourne take on Patrick Dangerfield and Joel Selwood at Geelong’s traditional home, Etihad Stadium. How to lose water weight in 2 days Seriously, why is this game here? Last I checked, a lot of money had been poured into the Cats’ home ground, and Melbourne has a half decent stadium in the MCG.

I suppose trying to apply logic and reason to the world of AFL is why I’m slowly going mad.

Last round, Geelong gave three-quarters of not relying on their two superstars before deciding that winning is more important.

Apparently, they’re getting Gary Ablett back from the Gold Coast, and if I’m reading the media right, it could happen this week. Lose belly fat drinks Which is strange because there’s no mid-season trading and he has a contract even for next year.

A lot of people like the idea of Gary returning to Geelong and I couldn’t agree more.

It’s like getting back together with someone who left you for someone else, only they tired of them and are coming back now that they’re old and on a paleo diet. 2 week weight loss detox The romance is undeniable.

Melbourne struggled against Carlton last week before beating them into submission. Weight loss extra skin As a result, they’ll be without both Jesse Hogan and Jordan Lewis.

Lewis’ thuggish behaviour at Hawthorn was a blight on the game, but now he’s at my team, I believe these things happen in the heat of the moment, and it doesn’t stop you from being a top bloke.

It was fair enough the tribunal threw the book at him. Lose water weight fast The club came down on him hard too, with his match payment to be donated to the private school of his choice.

The youth of Melbourne make them inconsistent, and without Hogan and Lewis, they should struggle against the Cats.

Pardon? I’m having trouble hearing you because I’m imagining how loud it’s going to be at Adelaide Oval on Saturday night and how many times Channel Seven will tell us that.

I guess there’s a good reason for it to be loud this time, as it is first taking on second.

For the first year after Adelaide Oval’s redevelopment, South Australians were just cheering because a new piece of infrastructure had been built in their state.

Port Adelaide are either genuinely improved, or we’re about to find out it’s all been a bit of a fluke.

Getting Paddy Ryder back seems to have been a big difference, and we may also be witnessing the rare phenomena of a playing group working hard not to get their coach sacked.

Port last week made Fremantle look ordinary, but that’s mainly because Fremantle are ordinary. Diet plan to lose belly fat for vegetarians More impressive was the first win against the Swans in Sydney.

The Crows’ success is more expected than Port’s. Exercise for lose belly fat They were good last year, and all their players have progressed in the offseason.

It’s almost like Don Pyke knows what he’s doing, a rare trait in an AFL coach.

Is it possible that all the Crows fans, who bitterly said they’d be better off without Patrick Dangerfield were right?

I do like it when you can be both bitter and right, one of life’s great feelings, better than love if you ask me.

The Dockers have thrown their lot in with Ross Lyon, hoping he can recapture some of that form that almost won premierships.

It certainly doesn’t seem to be going to plan, and the more a club talks about their five-year plan, the more I worry.

I recognise procrastination when I see it. Exercise music mix Next time someone asks you when you’re going to do something say:

“These things take time, and they’ll be some pain along the way, but I’m confident I can achieve it by 2020.”

“I just asked you if you were going to put your cup in the dishwasher.”

Currently, Fremantle players aren’t even trying. Low carb diet what to eat Getting better players is a nice aim, but when your existing players have the intensity of lettuce, it makes you wonder if you’d just be pouring water into a leaky bucket.

Lyon promised heads would roll after the loss against Port, but unfortunately, he was talking about players. Day 1 military diet I like when coach say things like this, as if they have some better players hidden away.

“I wasn’t going to show these to you but here are some much better players I had all along!”

The Bulldogs haven’t played well this year but have found ways to still win. Exercise science rutgers It’s a sign of a great side.

If the Doggies can get above 60 points, they should be able to win this. Exercise before bed good or bad Which they should be able to do in the first half (OK quarter).

St Kilda did everything right last week except kick straight for goal, which made the game a form of torture for Saints fans.

Luckily, Saints fans are battle hardened veterans when it comes to team administered torture.

St Kilda have got off to a Mark Webber-esque start to the season, and they really need to get moving here.

At the start of the season, this would have been chalked up as an easy win, but Brisbane have a coach the players don’t hate, and it’s making a difference.

In fact, so good has the turnaround been at the Lions that I fully intend to learn the names of a few of their players over the next few weeks. Exercise guide to lose belly fat Is Clark Keating still playing for them?

Saint won’t lose this though. Paleo diet macros The Melbourne loss was the wake-up call, and the West Coast loss was just the alarm going off again after they hit snooze.

One of the enjoyable things in the AFL recently is these ‘powerhouse’ Melbourne teams have been dormant for a long time.

It’s made it very easy to go to work in Victoria, especially when you add Collingwood’s recent averageness.

Sure, Carlton fans will still mention winning a lot of premierships but I know that look in their eyes, it’s the look of desperation and pain.

The idea that either of them are on the way back is a thing of nightmares. Weight loss recipes app Younger readers would struggle to remember a time Carlton were once feared and won premierships.

Like talk of dragons, it seems like a fanciful tale made up by us old timers. Diet plan after pregnancy But it wasn’t; I was there, and it was real, and it was awful.

Luckily, Carlton doesn’t appear to be threatening to return to relevancy in any hurry.

Essendon, on the other hand, are doing enough to cause other fans to make nervous glances at each other.

A Bombers’ premiership, so soon after the recent unpleasantness, would cause a lot of angst.

I’ve done some rough calculations to work out how many years would need to pass before a Bombers’ premiership would be not seen as too soon.

It is only round two, so let’s not panic too much, but it might be worth thinking about moving somewhere that doesn’t report AFL news if it happens. Lose weight fast diet tips So, Western Sydney.

Like most people, Gary Ablett is desperate to live in Geelong, but he has the problem of a million-dollar contract.

Oh, how I wish I had problems that involved me having a million-dollar contract.

“Help! I’m stuck in a million-dollar contract from which I can’t get out! Would someone with the relevant legal expertise help me?”

I do realise that if living on the Gold Coast is a requirement of such a contract, it’s probably better to be poor.

This will be the return of Jaeger O’Meara to the team he left to, wait for it, chase a premiership.

Unfortunately, as he was coming in, a bunch of good players were coming out, which must have been unnerving, like entering a burning building.

Imagine thinking you’ll be playing with Sam Mitchell, and on your first day, Ty Vickery welcomes you.

Hawthorn’s biggest problem is they keep recruiting players from Melbourne and Richmond.

The flaw in that strategy is you risk becoming Melbourne or Richmond or worse, some weird Melbourne-Richmond hybrid that unleashes waves of generational disappointment on people.

Sydney people, I’m coming to Sydney to do a show on, Friday, April 21st at The Comedy Store. Paleo hamburger recipes Tickets are now on sale and available here: http://www.comedystore.com.au/index.php?option=com_eventlist&view=details&id=414

You can help support me in producing this ridiculous nonsense I churn out on a regular basis. Exercise induced anaphylaxis My aim is to keep as much of my stuff on this site and available to everyone and not behind paywalls. Paleo diet chicken recipes Find out more here: https://titusoreily.com/support-titus

It’s interesting that the line “haven’t played well this year but have found ways to still win. Losing weight through diet It’s a sign of a great side” applies to the Western Bulldogs, but apparently not to the Tigers, Eagles, Bombers or Demons. Weight loss zoloft Hmmm.

Thanks Titus for your Melbourne comments. Exercise science careers With the amount of indirect chipping and ball use in the first 2 rounds, the Dees are channeling Brad Green and his infamous junk time possession games from 15 years ago…

Every team should have a thug. Paleo diet lunch ideas It’s what the Saints have been missing ever since they chopped Steve Baker. Lose weight fast workout That, and a gorilla fullback. Weight loss vegetable soup And a forward who can kick a bag. Healthy diet smoothies And a coach who can almost win them a premiership.

Titus – is it not a big worry to have a game in South Australia at night, where a reliable source of electricity is essential? Are the fans all going to be issues with pedal generators as back up?

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