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Lately I’ve been thinking about what healthy eating is and why so many people struggle with it so much. Military diet food I think it all comes down to the false dichotomy; where if you have healthy eating on one side, you have unhealthy on the other with no overlap between the two.

I was looking at stock photos for a presentation and my search for “food choices” returned a similar array of images as you see in the screen grab above. Losing weight after pregnancy without breastfeeding As you can see, you have “healthy” eating on one hand, generally consisting of a pile of vegetables or a piece of fruit. Exercise physiologist jobs in ga On the “unhealthy” eating side you have fast food and not a vegetable in sight.

Exercise prescription acsm You also see the “healthy” choice emphasized as virtuous by the presence of an angel, and the “unhealthy” choice literally demonized by the presence of a devil. Best diet for quick weight loss It’s no wonder that people falsely attribute virtue to some foods and shame to others when we see this as the common dialogue about healthy eating.

The thing is, while vegetables are certainly healthy, a diet consisting entirely of leafy greens or apples most certainly would not be. Weight loss diet for vegetarian Variety is one of the most important factors in a healthy diet. Weight loss pills garcinia cambogia side effects This is for a couple of reasons. Losing weight by not eating One being that, in order to meet our nutrient needs, we need to consume a variety of foods. Healthy diet pyramid The other being that, without variety we get bored, making us far more likely to give up entirely on the whole “healthy eating” kick and scarf a bag of chips for supper.

I all too often see people posting their meal prep for the week on social media, or talking about their “healthy” snacks for work and it’s the same sad options every day. Low carb diet menu to lose weight fast Fellow RD, Andrea Hardy put it so well on Instagram recently,

It drives me BANANAS when people say foods that are healthy don’t taste as good. Exercise for arthritis in shoulder What I find is lack of cooking knowledge, the weird societal belief that ‘baked chicken breast, broccoli, and rice’ is what constitutes healthy, and lack of confidence in the kitchen is why people struggle SO much with healthy eating.

I mean, man, if “healthy” eating actually entailed eating plain chicken breast, steamed broccoli, and plain rice every damn day then I sure as heck wouldn’t be eating healthfully either!

Healthy eating can include so many different things and it can be so different for different people. Walking and weight loss statistics Vegan, omnivorous, paleo, gluten-free, sugar-free, whatever, can all be healthy. 1 week diet plan to lose weight fast The important thing is to include a variety of foods and flavours to meet both your nutrient and palate needs. Exercise addiction is also known as Healthy foods can be delicious. Lose weight fast and easy They can be as simple as fresh figs with yoghurt or a handful of nuts, or a more complicated chili packed with spices, beans, and vegetables. Exercise endorphins legally blonde A healthy diet can also include less nutritious foods, you know, the ones the devil is taunting the stock photo people with. Exercise routine One meal or snack does not a diet make (or break). Best diet for abs to show It’s about the overall pattern of food intake and enjoyment. Exercise is medicine logo Life is too short (or too long) to spend it eating bland food.

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Growroom photo by Designmilk on flickr. Protein diet meals Used under a Creative Commons Licence.

No people to follow today. Weight loss vegetables in urdu Just a couple of cool food growing ideas I’ve seen recently.

The first is a “floating food forest” on a barge in NYC. Diet plan without exercise The barge, named Swale, will be stopping in ports along the Husdon throughout the summer. Exercise motivation app Allowing people to board it to experience it as both an art installation and as an opportunity to score some fresh produce.

The second is a “ Growroom“; a spherical structure in which plants are grown along all the walls. Paleozoic era The idea originated in Denmark and a team of students at the University of Alberta built the first one in Canada recently. Paleo diet shopping list robb wolf It looks so lush inside and could be a fairly affordable and space economizing way to grow a number of vegetables and herbs.

If you want to build your own growroom, Space 10 (the originators of the concept) have made the plans open source.

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Image by publik15 on flickr, used under a Creative Commons Licence.

I know that everyone was rejoicing recently because Natural News was blacklisted from Google search results. Weight loss inspiration blog However, it seems that such jubilation was a tad premature. Healthy diet delivery Natural News wasn’t disappeared because of its propensity for propagating fake news and it’s right back in Google searches less than a month later. Exercise and stress hormones So, I feel that it’s worthwhile to respond to some of the nonsense that they’re spouting.

This article on the Top 10 Food and Medicine Myths You Probably Fell for at Some Point particularly amused me due to the suggestion that “Big Food” and “Big Pharma” are in bed together. Weight loss hcg As if somehow there’s a conspiracy in which farmers, food manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies have some sort of stone-cutters type secret society. Exercise videos on netflix canada At their top secret meetings they’re supposedly conspiring to make us all sick while cramming more of our hard earned dollars into their overflowing deep pockets.

• Milk… It does a body good. C channel weight calculator According to Natural News, drinking milk is bad because we’re the only species to drink it past infancy, and from (gasp) another animal; it’s just “not natural”. Slow carb diet meals The truth: I think I’ve made this point before, but it bears repeating that we’re the only species to do a LOT of things: cook our food, wear clothes, watch tv, etc.

• Red meat is worse for your body than chicken, turkey, or pig. Healthy diet list Their argument being that ALL meat is bad for us. Running and losing weight The truth: Plant-based diets may be healthier, but not all meats are created equal. Schoolboy q weight loss Processed and red meat are linked with slightly higher cancer rates than is poultry. Healthy diet tips to lose weight fast Not all meat is raised and slaughtered under inhumane conditions. Paleo diet and cancer This is just fear mongering. Yoga for lose belly fat If you’re concerned about the origins of your meat, know your farmer.

• Organic canola is a healthy choice. Clipart exercise equipment I’ll concede that they make a good point here by saying that “everything is organic is not healthy”. Plan z diet reviews However, the arguments canola comes from “toxic” rapeseed and canola contains trans-fat from processing don’t hold weight. Weight loss vegan The truth: Canola is bred to be low in erucic acid (the toxic component of rapeseed). Exercise induced rhinitis It’s also high in mono- and poly-unsaturated fats ( 1). Exercise physiologist jobs florida Liquid oils do not contain trans-fat.

• Organic soy (that’s unfermented) is good for you. Weight loss clinic bismarck nd The arguments here are so out-to-lunch that I’m not even sure how to address them. How to lose weight in 7 days without exercise Supposedly, big food and big pharma are pushing organic soy products on us for some undisclosed nefarious reason. Exercise science jobs in nc Supposedly soy contributes to a whole host of health problems. 4 week diet plan The truth: Unless you have a soy allergy, or are on thyroid medication, there’s no reason to worry about soy. Weight loss diet Despite the prevalent belief that soy causes breast cancer, the evidence shows that soy consumption is actually more likely to decrease risk, than to increase it ( 2).

• Vaccines no longer contain mercury (thimerosal), and the CDC even says so. Exercise upper body The truth: Thimerosal is still used in flu vaccines, but no routine childhood vaccines. Walking and weight loss diet It’s outside my scope as a dietitian to provide advice about vaccines but I’m fairly confident that having polio or small pox would be much worse than any risk of being vaccinated.

• Chemotherapy is the best chance to beat cancer once you’ve been diagnosed. Weight loss meal prep for beginners According to Natural News, your chance of survival is 2.3% on chemo and there are loads of successful natural remedies such as garlic and baking soda. Paleo apple pie bars The truth: your chance of survival depends on many factors such as the type of cancer and early diagnosis. Weight loss exercises for men Chemo and radiation may be awful but they are the most effective treatments to date. How to lose weight no exercise Natural “remedies” are not effective.

• Many cancer cases are inherited in our genes from our parents or their parents. A healthy diet consists of Supposedly we’re told this to prevent us from seeking out natural remedies. Weight loss workouts for men The truth: Why would the cause influence the treatment? Regardless of the source, natural “remedies” are not effective.

• There is no cure for cancer. Low carb diet and constipation More of the same. Weight loss nutrition plan The truth: STOP FALLING FOR THIS BULLSHIT. Low carb diet side effects diarrhea THERE IS NO BIG CONSPIRACY HIDING THE CURE FOR CANCER.

• The FDA and CDC function in the best interest of American consumers by inspecting food and medicine for dangerous substances. Exercise stress test cost Again, there is a big conspiracy and Big Pharma is running the show. Exercise science jobs atlanta The truth: Sure, the FDA and CDC may not always be effective but there is no larger conspiracy against Americans.

• Fluoride in toothpaste and tap water helps humans keep their teeth strong and free of decay. Exercise and stress We’re supposed to watch some video that will tell us “the truth”. Paleo chili seasoning The truth: fluoride is effective in reducing tooth decay.

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Back on track with the RD Follow Fridays for the penultimate Friday in Nutrition Month. Paleo alcohol recipes This week I’d like to suggest you follow the fabulous Marianne Bloudoff of BC. Exercise science jobs utah Like me, she took a meandering path to a career in dietetics. Liquid diet for weight loss recipe Unlike me, she had a cool career in fisheries management before heading back to uni to study dietetics in order to combine her love for both science and nutrition.

Much like me, again, she ended up moving away from the ocean to work in public health. Weight loss johnson city tn She’s currently employed as a population health dietitian with the Northern Health Authority and is the regional lead for food security. Can u lose weight while pregnant The region being the entire northern half of the province. Paleo ground beef recipes She’s a regular contributor to the Northern Health Matters blog.

I got to find out some other cool facts about Marianne when I told her I wanted to write a post on her. Healthy diet program Like, did you know that she competed for Australia in synchronized skating at the world championships?? How cool is that?! On a less cool note, she’s one of those unfortunate souls who dislikes cilantro 🙁

You can find Marianne blogging at Evergreen Eats or follow her on various social medias… She’s on twitter as @Evergreen_RD where you can find her posting about nutrition, recipes, politics, and whatever else strikes her fancy. Diet plan app iphone On Instagram as @Evergreen_RD where she primarily posts gorgeous food photos. Weight loss inspiration tumblr On Facebook as (nope, she fooled you!) EvergreeneatsRD where she shares lots of food porn and recipes and I’m getting hungry writing this post. Exercise on demand Last but not least, for the dog lovers out there, you can follow her French Bulldog Barley on Instagram too @barley_thefrenchie.

Do you know an amazing RD who should be featured in a future Follow Friday post? Get at me!

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I read this article the other day and it made me go back and take a look at the post I wrote a little while back about how we need to stop glorifying the inability to cook.

The article is about how “real women” are still expected to cook and examines the role of women in sitcoms and cooking shows. Diet plan 1200 calories It made me wonder if my original take was sexist. Paleo diet shopping list and meal plan Did I only talk about women? I was certainly thinking about female characters like Lorelai Gilmore and Olivia Pope. A healthy diet menu I did also think about the importance of showing men cooking but maybe I didn’t make that very clear. Low carb diet rules I definitely didn’t think about the possibility that showing women who were incapable of cooking (or at least unwilling to cook) was actually a feminist act. Lose belly fat at home And I really have mixed feelings about it right now.

I do not believe that a woman belongs in the kitchen. Exercise induced anaphylaxis symptoms I do not think that it’s a woman’s measure of worth to serve the men and children in their lives. Healthy diet chart I don’t think that we all need to love cooking or spend as much time doing it as I do. How to lose weight in college and still drink However, I wonder if making a refusal to cook is truly a feminist act or more an instance of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. Paleo diet pyramid It may be levelling the playing field to have both men and women out of the kitchen but I think that’s more bringing everyone down a level rather than lifting everyone up.

As I said in my previous post, cooking is an important life skill. How do i lose belly fat fast Food literacy is as important as any other form of literacy. Weight loss workout plan What we prepare for ourselves is generally going to be more nutritious and less calorically dense than food we purchase ready-made and from restaurants. Healthy diets to lose weight It’s better for us and better for our wallets. Paleo chili easy It doesn’t have to mean hours of slaving over a hot stove. Weight loss soup A good home cooked meal can be as quick and simple as a vegetable frittata or stir-fry; ready in under 30 minutes.

We should be encouraging more people to get in the kitchen, not glorifying culinary ineptitude. 6 week weight loss workout On television we should be showing both men and women cooking for themselves, for their families, for their friends, and show children helping in the kitchen. Paleo chicken soup In real life, we should be advocating to have mandatory home ec reinstated in schools. Weight loss lexapro We (both women and men) should be taking the effort to prepare nourishing meals for ourselves because we are all worthy of good nutrition.

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