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Professional athletes make a lot of money, but they aren’t guaranteed to have long careers. O shopping exercise equipment On top of that, pro athletes often have a difficult time making smart decisions with their money, which all adds up to a recipe for disaster. 3 day military diet results Here are 60 pro athletes that had to get regular jobs after their careers ended.

Young’s career never panned out in the NFL like he’d hoped, and he blew through most of his fortune, adding insult to injury. Low carb diet results Fortunately, he was able to get a job with his alma mater in the University of Texas’ Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.

Many NFL players turn to coaching when their careers are through, but most don’t do it out of financial necessity. Losing weight while pregnant third trimester Former NFL all-pro Rison only makes about $5,000 as the assistant football coach for a Michigan high school.

Dionne was one of the greatest scorers in the history of the NHL when he retired. Paleo jambalaya These days, he owns and operates a sports memorabilia store and restaurant on the Canada side of Niagara Falls.

The multiple time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion didn’t go far after retiring, taking a job as Executive VP of Business Development within the promotion. Losing weight chart He also owns a number of restaurants.

A nasty divorce and greedy agent cost Kosar most of his money from his playing days, and he even took out a loan from the Cleveland Browns to stay afloat. Exercise and anxiety relief Now, he works as a motivational speaker.

Batch made millions with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions, but real estate ventures cost him much of his fortune. Losing weight with pcos naturally He now does professional speaking engagements and occasionally does pre-game coverage for the Steelers.

Better known as “Scotty 2 Hotty” during his WWE days, the multiple time tag champion went on to become an EMT after his days in the ring were over. Dieta de paleo From there, he graduated to firefighting before moving on to a new career as a real estate agent.

Known as “The Flower” during his NHL days, the former Montreal Canadiens great has moved on from hockey and is well into his retirement. Qigong exercises pdf He is now a licensed helicopter pilot and even owns his own rental company.

Posada is another athlete who didn’t want to just lay around on the beach after his playing days were over. Best diet plan for men After retiring with the New York Yankees, he continued to write children’s books.

“Rocket” was literally the poster boy for professional athletes who blow their money, as he was the subject of a Sports Illustrated article about the problem. Exercise induced anaphylaxis support group The former NFL standout now makes speeches to businesses for a living.

Terri was one of the most popular women in the WWE for years before leaving the organization in 2004. How to lose weight in your face Since then, she avoided the wrestling business and is a successful corporate spokesperson and volunteer for charity organizations.

Dawson’s $25 million in pro football earnings didn’t help him much when the creditors came calling. Exercise everyday or every other day After his NFL career, he became a scouting intern for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team with which he spent much of his career.

Mark Brunell, like many former NFL players, works as an analyst for ESPN. Exercise planking benefits However, he does it not just to keep his name out there, but because he definitely needs the money after huge losses in real estate and fast food.

Two-time NFL Pro Bowler Elliss blew the $11 million he made in the league and ran out of friends and churches to borrow from, too. Exercise with baby classes Fortunately, he landed on his feet with the help of the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, which he travels to promote.

Not every former athlete prefers to take a legitimate job after retiring. Weight loss inspirational quotes This former NHL player decided to take up bank robbery instead, ultimately pleading guilty to multiple bank robberies in Montreal in 2014.

Yang was once a promising star in the WWE, but nowadays he has moved on from the limelight. Weight loss doctors nyc He started his own party bus business and drives around drunk college kids and bridesmaids in Jimmy’s Redneck Party Bus.

McAlister once signed a $55 million deal with the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL. Losing weight after 40 It wasn’t a very positive development for him, then, when he had to accept a job as a lowly coaching intern for the Buffalo Bills to help make ends meet.

Warren Sapp squandered much of the $60 million he made in the NFL and had to take a job in the contracting business after his career was over. Exercises to burn fat fast Unfortunately, a bad construction deal cost him millions and after going to work as an NFL analyst, he lost that job too due to a domestic violence charge.

Brashear was always willing to exchange punches with other players during his NHL career. Exercise walking clip art When it came time to hang up the skates, he tried his hand at MMA and co-founded DEC Construction to begin a blue collar career of a different sort.

Wells was once one of the better pitchers in Major League Baseball. Weight loss in dogs He doesn’t really need money, but he took a job as a head baseball coach at Point Loma High School anyway. Diet plan for abs He has reportedly turned down college and MLB coaching offers.

When Nowinski’s WWE career failed to really pan out, he had something most pro wrestlers don’t have to fall back on – a degree from Harvard. Best diet to lose weight fast He is now one of the top brain trauma experts in the country and a published author.

A two-time Olympic gold medalist in the 400M hurdles, Moses became executive chairman of a non-profit foundation named Laureus after he retired from track and field. Healthy diet during pregnancy The foundation raises funds for childrens’ athletics and education programs.

Dantley played many years for the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA. Diet plan chart He doesn’t need any money, but to stay busy and help out local children, he works as a crossing guard for a local elementary school.

Ward was not only a Heisman Trophy winner at Florida State University, but also a basketball standout who went on to play several seasons in the NBA. Weight loss yoga beginners He now coaches football at Booker T. Exercise videos on netflix instant streaming Washington High School in Florida.

Two-time World Series champion Eckstein created a fashion company with his wife after leaving baseball for good. Weight loss rewards The company is a unique one, as it’s focused on appealing to female science fiction enthusiasts.

It’s hard to believe now, but Martin was the #1 pick in the NBA draft in 1972. Beyond diet 5 foods to never eat list Unfortunately, his four-year career was a disappointment and he developed alcoholism. Weight loss diet for men Since then, he’s kicked the habit and is now a public relations executive for UPS.

Former MLB pitcher McDowell always played guitar during his time in the majors, but he took his hobby to the next level after his playing days were over. Nhs weight loss calculator He now plays with his own band, named Stickfigure.

The WCW great known as DDP only wrestled for a few years and then had to figure out what else to do. Healthy diet for weight loss in 10 days He seems to have found his niche with DDP Yoga, his own brand of yoga that has really attracted a following.

Retton was perhaps the most celebrated US gymnast in history when she won a gold medal in the 1984 Olympics. Lose weight fast in two weeks Now, she is the founder of a healthy weight loss foundation and motivational speaker.

Roberts was a high-scoring hockey player for years in the NHL before he finally retired from the game. Slow carb diet recipes Now, he is a personal trainer that specializes in helping professional hockey players conduct off-season routines to improve their speed and strength.

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