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Are you finding it difficult to fit into your favourite black dress? Do you get stressed looking at your belly fat in the mirror while getting ready every morning? If yes, now is the time to do something about it seriously and start working on a healthier and fitter you.

Belly fat not only looks bad, but it is also a storehouse of many internal problems such as diabetes, heart diseases and more. How to lose weight in college without exercise Belly fat or visceral fat is fat that accumulates between your organs like stomach and intestines. Weight loss excess skin This produces toxins that affect the functioning of your organs and puts you at a high risk of diseases like Type 2 Diabetes.

Exercise motivation tumblr If you are trying to lose the flab around your waist you have to start by eating a fibre-rich diet. Exercise room colors Make sure you restrict sugar intake, this includes sugar in colas and cold-coffees too. To lose weight in spanish Steer clear of processed foods as these may already be loaded with trans-fats.

In addition to conscious eating, you need to do have an active lifestyle. Low carb diet plateau Take out 30 minutes from your busy schedule every day to walk, play a sport, swim or indulge in any activity that makes you move around. Exercise prescription for special populations Burning calories is key to reducing abdominal fat. Healthy diet breakfast Finally, to convert the flab into fab, you need to target this specific area to get rid of the fat and tone the muscles. Exercise plank walk Here are a few stomach exercises that may help you to be fit as suggested by CrossFit Trainer, Vinata Shetty.

One of the best exercises that you can do for your core is a plank. Paleo alcohol choices It helps to improve your posture by building isometric strength. Low carb diet breakfast According to Vinata Shetty, planks tone and strengthen the muscles of the abdominal region and support the spine.

Go down on the floor in the press up position. Paleo diet tips Put the weight on the forearms while bending your elbows. Low carb diet blog Form a straight line through your body from shoulders to ankle, suck your belly button into the spine and hold on the position for some time and relax. Best diet for ibs flare up In the beginning you may be able to hold the pose only for 8-10 seconds. Weight loss plans for couples Don’t worry, this will increase as you keep doing this. Paleo diet dangers Repeat the same five-six times.

It helps to maintain proper posture and reduce stress on the spine and hence helps to prevent back issues. Paleo brownies with almond flour Strengthens the abdominal and the back muscles and can be practiced anytime but being consistent is the key here.

Extend your legs and lie on your right side such that your feet and hips rest on the floor on top of each other. Fastest way to lose weight in 10 days Place your right elbow under your shoulder, while contracting your core muscles lift your hips and knees off the floor. Paleo diet menu plan for athletes Hold on to the position for few seconds and come back to the normal position. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain altering moods Repeat the same on the other side.

Strengthening the abdominal muscles is the advantage of this exercise. Exercise calendar 2016 Start by lying flat on a floor mat, face up. Exercise games for kids You can put your arms behind your head or cross them in front of your torso. Low carb diet calculator Now, keep your lower body still and move your upper body towards your knees. Paleo diet weight loss reviews Take a deep breath and exhale as you go up. Paleo 2016 Inhale as you bring your body back to the mat. 7 day weight loss meal plan Make sure your arms are not pushing against your head and neck too much. Exercise during first trimester You are supposed to use the abdominal muscles to move up and down, so make sure your neck is not strained during this exercise. Low carb diet while pregnant Do this 10-15 times.

Sit on a floor mat and bend your knees slightly, your heels should be flat on the mat. Exercise and depression blog Now, start leaning back till you feel that the muscles of the abdomen are engaged. How to lose weight in a day without exercise You could also come to this position by lying flat on the floor first. Weight loss drugs fda Now, bend your knees and raising your upper body towards the knees. Exercise names for abs You would be creating an imaginary V-shape with your torso and your thighs forming the arms of the V. Protein diet chart Hold your arms straight in front of your face. Mega t weight loss reviews Slowly twist from one side to the other. A diet to lose weight fast Make sure you are moving with the strength of your abdominal muscles and not your arms alone. Low carb diet for athletes As you get better at this exercise, you could try holding a ball or weights when moving from side to side.

Crunches are considered as the fastest way to burn the belly fat and are very easy to do at home without any equipment. To lose weight how many calories a day They tend to build endurance and power in your belly muscles. I need to lose weight now Lie down flat on the floor, place your hand behind your head, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground. Best diet and exercise plan Lift your upper body off the floor, exhale as you go up and inhale as you come down. Weight loss rewards for yourself Repeat, for few minutes and relax.

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