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Cooking with crow meat_ a recipe for "blackbird" pie _ outdoor life

Early this fall, OL’s Content Editor, Alex Robinson, spent some time in Southern Minnesota hunting crows. When he returned from the field, he handed off three dressed breasts to me and said, “I dare you to make these taste good.”

Under weight of injuries, packers’ offensive line crumbles

Glendale, Ariz. — If things weren’t bad enough for the Green Bay Packers offense — and they’re really, really bad as it is — the offensive line has become part of the problem instead of the solution. The passing game

Seven ways new parents can avoid being overwhelmed by online advice _ south china morning post

There is one skill that is essential for newparents today. I wish I could wrap it up in pink and blue paper and give it at every baby shower. It isn’t how to bathe a baby or encourage healthy sleep

With julian edelman and rob gronkowski on the field, tom brady is a different quarterback – the boston globe

In retrospect, there’s an obvious cause to the sudden halt of Brady’s steady diet of sub-300-yard performances after that Week 10 win over the Giants. It was in that game that the Patriots lost their quickest, most elusive offensive weapon

Death of dupont

The gang now running DuPont Co., that incubator of 20th-century U. S. industry, is scrapping many of its Wilmington headquarters institutions, as if they were old Rust Belt factories. Glowing paints and super plastics, miracle fabrics and insulators, electronics and

Why is it so hard to keep professional new year’s resolutions_ – personal finance – nz herald news

Photo / iStock It’s that time of year when those resolutions march through – exercise more, eat better, mind the finances. And too often they bend our will for a week or two and then, poof, are forgotten. The same

Cooking the books_ the best and the lightest _ calgary herald

The changing of the calendar to a new year often brings with it resolutions for health and fitness, of turning over new leaves and eating healthier. It also means the cookbooks that start to trickle in have a decidedly healthier

_____ slimming world_ derbyshire firm’s research shows calming your inner critic achieves better weight-loss results _ derby telegraph

Comments (0) Jacquie Lavin, head of nutrition and research at Derbyshire-based Slimming World, looks at what could hold people back when it comes to weight loss in the New Year. AFTER over-indulging over the festive period, millions of people resolve

Nsc general director alexander bryntsev_ _the main goal is the development_

NSC General Director Alexander Bryntsev: “The main goal is the development” Northern Shipping Company has summarized its ten-month operational performance in 2015. Despite the current understandable economic and international problems facing the nation, namely sanctions, fluctuations of USD and the

Will india make it – 2016_ leveraging india_s frugality bias _ the financial express

India has all the ingredients to become a global driver of innovation, led by a strong market potential, an excellent talent pool, and an underlying culture of frugal innovation. Innovative countries have demonstrated the leverage of cultural advantage to capture

In defense of food stamps_ why the white house sings snap's praises _ sdpb radio

Early this month, House Speaker Paul Ryan asked a crowd in Washington, D. C., “What kind of country do we want to be?” As he unfurled his sweeping 2016 agenda, he returned to one of his signature issues: public benefit

__paradox for sub-saharan africa_ increased farming = less rain

Quite apart from issues of climate change, a new study led by the University of British Columbia shows a problem for farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. Landlocked Burkina Faso has limited sources of fresh water. It also needs to increase its

Central valley business times

• Tax fraud scheme leads to jail • More concern over governor’s budget • And…. where did that grass come from? Tracking a tow trucker’s tax-dodge An Oregon man’s five-year tax fraud scheme, which defrauded California out of approximately $250,000,

Revisiting your new year’s resolution – us news

Now that 2016 is well underway, it’s the perfect time to discuss New Year’s resolutions and health. And no, I’m not confused about the timing. You see, if you made a New Year’s resolution this year, it’s fairly likely that

21 achievable new year’s resolutions for your health _ wwlp. com

If you’re like almost half of all adults, you have a New Year’s resolution. But once the champagne flutes are back on the shelf, it’s hard to make that pledge stick. A week into the new year, just 77 percent

Jackson has head start in learning patriots scheme _ sports – wptz home

NFL notebook: Panthers DE Allen… Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning: The… Raiders WR Cooper added to Pro Bowl… Kicking footballs escorted by police… Jaguars promote Wash to defensive… The New England Patriots and coach Bill Belichick are happy to have