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_ _boston scientists tweak crispr scissors for more precise dna cuts _ xconomy_

Alex Lash January 6th, 2016 @alexlash @xconomy Like Us Xconomy Boston — [ Corrected, 1/6/16, 8:05pm. See below.] Keith Joung, a scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and his colleagues say they have come up with a way to

Mobile app development to transform healthcare – whatech

Mobile apps can systemize the delivery of healthcare services. They can improve the standards of healthcare and eliminate the chances of irregularities. Various healthcare related frauds can also be eliminated / reduced as most of processes will be tractable. Here

Chamber chat_ nominate someone who makes a difference

Who do you know that has impacted your life? Now take that one step further and consider if they have been quietly or publicly making a contribution beyond your life into others and the community. Here is a wonderful opportunity

The day after christmas finds dieters nationwide enjoying leftovers and preparing their body for extreme fat burn with diet doc's calorie loading diet programs

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The day after Christmas finds many people feeling guilty and anxious about overindulging. Many begin to reevaluate and reset their weight loss goals. And, while most feel that waiting until after the

2016 it marching orders — redmondmag. com

After changing the wall calendar for the new year, IT organizations have a long and varied to-do list on tap for 2016 with projects ranging from Windows 10 migration planning and piloting to incorporating new encryption technologies and getting serious

Moortown mum shrinks to half her size and pick up _miss slinky 2014_ award – mid ulster mail

Karen puts the success of her weight loss down to the ongoing support she received at her Slimming World group each week, and said everyone from her consultant to other class members were so friendly and warm that she never

__samsung family hub fridge, lg super uhd tv and more_ the best of what we saw at ces _ the indian express

Written by Shruti Dhapola | Las Vegas | Updated: January 14, 2016 3:41 pm CES has everything from car tech to audio to TVs and even futuristic gadgets. Here are the 10 best gadgets we managed to see at CES

The economy added 2.7 million jobs in 2015. _ new republic

The conservative magazine came out swinging at Donald Trump last night, glittering a royal blue and gold like the robe of a heavyweight champ, but it quickly run afoul of the ref. The Republican National Committee called publisher Jack Fowler

What are 2016’s food trends_

Callan Boys, Dani Valent and Daniel Lewis Introducing the smoked Nutella bacon burger doughnut What will we be eating in 2016? Our food writers forecast the year’s upcoming food trends – and what they hope will disappear. What’s hot? Blue

Surrounded by suffering, death in a besieged syrian town – the washington post

By Hugh Naylor and Suzan Haidamous January 12 Follow @HughNaylor BEIRUT — By the time the convoy carrying food arrived, Sereen didn’t know how much more she and others in the besieged Syrian town of Madaya could endure. She had

10 bucks or less_ camacho's best tacos

The pastor burrito from Camacho’s Best Tacos. Photo by Cooper Levey-Baker For years, I was chasing a ghost. Its name: Camacho’s Best Tacos. On several occasions, idling in traffic or passing through downtown, I’d caught a glimpse. A small pickup

Five resolutions health experts hate to hear – and what to do instead _ national post

New Year’s resolutions: They can be motivating and inspiring (“I want to feel healthy and strong in 2016”). Or they can be completely out of reach and by extension demoralizing and even dangerous (“I am going to run a marathon

Bulletin board of coming events as of tuesday, jan. 19

Tuesday, Jan. 19: Noon. The Woodland Rotary Club will be hosting Steven L. Baird on Tuesday. Baird will be talking about the State of Jefferson and the benefits of creating a 51st state out of Northern California. The State of

How _defensive architecture_ is designing the homeless out of our cities _ citymetric

On any one night in London, there around 700 people sleeping in the city’s streets. Rough sleeping is a risky decision – and almost always the choice of the most desperate. Yet the response of the state – and our

One thing i did last year that nearly doubled my productivity

Source: iStock It’s difficult to nail down an effective, efficient workflow. There are many things to take into account – your diet, your environment and immediate surroundings, even the temperature in the room can impact how much, or how little,

Temperance and technology – catholiccitizens. org

Steffani Jacobs • December 28, 2015 Today, it’s especially difficult to take a moment away from the distractions of our modern world, quiet our minds, and contemplate what it means to be temperate. In fact, it’s not a word we