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MuTu System is a medically reviewed and doctor recommended exercise and recovery program to help you eliminate ‘mummy tummy’, Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor weakness—while building your confidence.

The 12 Week Program contains step-by-step instructions and exercises that only take 15 to 20 minutes.

Full 12 Week coaching program on DVD set with glossy booklets PLUS online access to the program is included! So you can watch from home on your TV as well as download to your computer, tablet or smartphone.Your log in details will be sent to you straight after purchase so you can get started with MuTu right away.

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100% of moms have some level of Diastasis Recti by the third trimester (Gilliard and Brown 1996, Diane Lee 2013). 6 week diet plan to lose 20 pounds MuTu System will help to heal your diastasis and narrow the gap which is causing your pooched tummy and weakened core.

The MuTu Core exercises are safe to start in the first few days after birth and will help restore your core and pelvic floor. Exercise music 2016 The intensive exercises should not be started earlier than 6 weeks following a vaginal birth without complications, and 10 weeks following a c-section or any birth complications. Healthy diet tips for flat stomach Simply stay with the safe but very effective MuTu Core phases until you are ready.

It’s never too late to improve your function, tone and strength, so whether your babies are 6 months or 16 years, MuTu System can help.

The MuTu Core exercises will keep your core and pelvic floor strong for pregnancy and minimize weakness afterwards.

When I was at the point of giving up in finding a solution for my DR I finally found MuTu program… MuTu works fantastic!

I started from a gap of 3 fingers and now it has closed at 1! Thank you Wendy for creating MuTu and for all the knowledge I have learned!

It demonstrates safe exercises based on strengthening the core for postnatal mums.

MuTu System helps women safely recover their fitness after having a baby.

This program is the key to recovering your post-baby body healthfully and with the support of trained professionals without spending a lot of money or having to go to the gym.

A very personal introduction from Wendy explaining exactly how to follow the program at the correct pace for your own body and needs. Exercise and anxiety disorder Why we lose our Mojo after having babies… and how MuTu Is going to help you get it back!

4 demonstration videos and 4 real-time workout videos of the medically endorsed, specialist core and pelvic floor rehabilitation MuTu exercises and techniques that will rebuild your core function and confidence. 2 week weight loss workout plan ($999 value)

Clear, jargon-free education and demonstration videos to understand what is going on in your postpartum body, and how you can look, feel and function better. Weight watchers calculator Get empowered to heal as you learn the causes and effects of diastasis recti, the importance of alignment and abdominal pressure to your core and pelvic floor function as well as finally getting answers on shifting the ‘baby belly’ ($299 value)

4 demonstration videos and 4 real-time workout videos of low impact but high intensity, core-safe workouts specifically designed for a mother’s body to help lose weight, strengthen and tone. Paleo diet ($699 value)

Clear and detailed instruction and self-assessment to understand, test for and treat Diastasis Recti ($99 value)

Understand the importance of biomechanical alignment to your core function. Weight loss diet hindi Dive deeper if you choose into how alignment is affecting your body, along with simple, practical daily adjustments and strategies to help you move better. Paleo diet explained ($39 value)

Learn the breathing techniques that will re-connect and recruit your deep core muscles, whilst offering a few much-needed moments of deep relaxation as a bonus! ($39 value)

Track your progress with an easy to fill in 3-page PDF journal

Download workout cheat sheets (with photos and descriptions) for all exercises so you can take them on the go ($39 value)

20 page flexible food program to help you balance your hormones, prevent excess fat storage, get a flatter tummy, more energy, and a healthier lifestyle ($29 value) ($29 value)

A 28-page PDF that shows you how to test yourself for diastasis recti and core strength, why the way you stand is stopping your tummy looking how you want it to, as well as which foods and habits are stopping you from losing fat ($49 value)

Instant online access with no expiration date. Weight loss jobs Clear instruction and self-assessment guidance enable you to progress through your own individual healing journey. Losing weight menopause You access all your content via a membership site and have lifetime access to all materials. Sam e weight loss Watch the DVD’s on your TV or computer, plus get online access to download to your computer or phone to watch on the go.

Ask questions and connect personally with thousands of other MuTu Mama’s as well as the MuTu Team in our exclusive, entirely private forum, for additional support and encouragement throughout your journey. Best diet to lose weight and keep it off Coaching personally with Wendy costs $100/hour. Exercise 30 anatomy of the heart This level of access and support direct from Wendy and her team is worth $000’s!

Get additional links to websites, books and online downloads we love! ($9 value)

We offer a 90 day 100% Money-back, Satisfaction Guarantee. Lose weight fast for wedding If you feel that our Programs do not deliver what you expected, just tell us why you’re disappointed, and we’ll give you your money back. Qigong exercises for weight loss Simple as that. Whey protein diet plan for weight loss (You can read the full terms of our money back guarantee here)

Deciding to have surgery is a personal choice and shouldn’t be taken lightly. K special diet plan in hindi Here’s some information to help you:

• Risk factors may be life-threatening (blood clots, thrombosis, cardiac, pulmonary complications, infection)

It’s important to note that even if you do have surgery, a tummy tuck can’t strengthen your core or address the deeper causes of Diastasis Recti or weakness. Exercise clipart You still need the strategies in MuTu System to get the stable and strong core you want!

I created MuTu System to help you gain the body confidence, function and strength you deserve.

That’s why you can take advantage of the MuTu System 12 Week Program for only $97 US (around ?73 GBP).

No woman should have to endure a pooched tummy from Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor disorder, a weak core or lack of body confidence. 7 day weight loss diet And so to make your decision as easy as possible, MuTu System is backed by my 100% guarantee that you will be more connected, more educated and more empowered in your body with MuTu.

Tens of thousands of women around the world already know it works. Paleo indian food Act now and try MuTu System risk-free!

I’m right there with you and you have my 100% money-back personal guarantee.

Our 12 Week Program contains low impact but high intensity exercise, and is NOT suitable for women with hernia or POP without express medical approval.The MuTu Focus program is likely to be suitable for these conditions, depending on your medical caregivers advice

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